Temperature sensors
Temperature sensors

With and without media contact

Temperature sensors allow you to measure and monitor temperatures on a wide range of applications, even in environments that are dangerous for humans. Whether in direct use in liquid and gaseous media or monitoring from a distance, our temperature sensors provide reliable support.

Product family

  • Contactless infrared temperature sensors

    For temperature ranges from 250 to 1250 °C

    BTS contactless infrared temperature sensors monitor high temperatures even in environments inaccessible or dangerous to people. You can detect hot objects – even in motion – and reliably detect temperature values.

    Contactless infrared temperature sensors in the robust M30 stainless steel housing with IP67 protection class offer you a wide range of uses, such as in steelworks, foundries, forges, glassworks, or in the ceramics industry.

    The multifunction display and the automatic display orientation make them easy to operate.

    Thanks to the multifunction display and the automatic display orientation, they are easy to operate. Moreover, you have the choice between analog and IO-Link interface. With IO-Link, you also benefit from remote parameterization of the sensor, such as from the superordinate control system or a control console.


    • Temperature range 250…1250 °C
    • Convenient operation via multifunction display
    • Numerous functions and settings through IO-Link interface
    • Alternatively available with 4...20 mA interface
    • Even moving objects can be detected reliably
    Contactless infrared temperature sensors
    Temperature sensors in the steel mill

    BTS infrared temperature sensors detect high temperatures and hot objects without making contact.

  • Media-contacting temperature sensors

    For direct installation in liquid or gaseous media

    The BFT-series media-contacting temperature sensors can detect process temperatures continuously and/or with a switching response. This makes it ideal for numerous situations such as in machine tools, mobile work machines, pumps and compressors or for hydraulics and pneumatics.

    You can use different models with and without a display to handle various requirements in a variety of applications. The rugged IP67 housing makes these temperature sensors also ideal for harsh industrial environments.

    Our media-contacting temperature sensors consist of a protective tube with a fixed process connection and are threaded directly into the process.


    • Version with rotatable, highly readable display: Flexible installation and operating convenience
    • Versions without display: Compact form factor and high resistance to vibration
    • Interfaces: Analog signals and switching points
    • Rugged M12 connector for ease of integration
    • UL and CE approval
    BFT-series media-contacting temperature sensors
    Media-contacting temperature sensors

    Temperature measurement in pipelines