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Short range Industrial RFID System

Short-range RFID for harsh environments

Especially high-performing and flexible are the BIS C low-frequency RFID systems with the reliable tool identification in coolant- and lubricant-enriched machining centers. An exact positioning is not always necessary. Many data carriers can also be dynamically read and described "in passing".

LF (70/455 kHz) is the first choice for the tool identification over short ranges. Other areas of use are tool transport with conveyor systems, FTS and pallet transport systems and the assembly technology and organization of supplies.

The most important benefits

  • Great diversity of variants of data carriers and read/write heads for very diverse applications and difficult conditions of use
  • Wear-free, maintenance-free and insensitive to dirt
  • High interference resistance and secure data transfer via special testing software in the processor units available to all globally standard bus systems
  • Memory capacity up to 8 kbytes

System components

BIS C Processor
Data couplers
BIS C Data carriers (Tags)
Handheld devices
Short-range Read/write heads designed for machine tool Id
BIS C read heads with integrated processor unit