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Inductive sensors

Highest quality and accuracy for automation

Automation without inductive sensors can hardly be imagined. Wear-resistant, reliable non-contact position detection of metallic objects is required wherever automation is used, whether in mechanical engineering, electronics production, automotive, food, or plastics industries.

Balluff offers a wide range of inductive sensors with diverse designs for nearly any application: from standard sensors to sensors with increased switching distance, hygienic sensors, high-pressure sensors, ex-zone sensors for hazardous areas, and factor 1 sensors. Some sensors have an additional ceramic or PTFE coating so that weld spatter, for example, cannot adhere to them. Sensors that are both factor 1 and all-metal are also available.

Aided by inductive sensors from Balluff, you can automate, monitor, and control processes and conditions at the highest quality, even in extreme environments."

Advantages of inductive proximity sensors include:

  • Ignores water, oil, dirt, and non-metallic particles
  • Insensitive to target color or target surface finish
  • Resistant to dirt
  • Short-circuit protected
  • Withstands high shock and vibration environments

Product families

Inductive standard sensors with preferred types

Inductive 2-wire sensors

Pressure-rated inductive sensors

Hygienic inductive sensors

Inductive factor 1 sensors

Inductive full-metal sensors

Magnetic-field-resistant inductive sensors

Weld-immune inductive sensors

Temperature-rated inductive sensors

Inductive sensors for hazardous areas

Inductive NAMUR sensors

Inductive ring and tube sensors

Inductive distance sensors

Inductive positioning systems