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Mechanical Cam Switches

Precision switching with unmatched durability

Single and multiple position cam switches are used as actuators for automatic controls, for positioning, end-of-travel, transfer lines, transport equipment, and in machine and equipment building. Balluff single and multiple position switches have been proven for decades under harsh conditions. They ensure trouble-free function under conditions of vibration, shock, rapid temperature fluctuations, aggressive coolants, and heavy presence of chips.

Highly elastic, wear-free membrane made of Viton is used for hermetic sealing between the plunger mechanism and switch chamber. This dual chamber design ensures an IP 67 rating. Snap and creep switch elements are available as changeover contacts with self-cleaning effect. A variety of switch elements can be used.

Mechanical switches consist of two primary components. First a rugged single or multiple position switch assembly with a wide variety of switch elements. Secondly linear or rotary cams and associated cam trays or drums.

Three actuation and switching systems are available to choose from:

  • Mechanical/mechanical - A mechanical cam trips a mechanical plunger, which actuates an electro-mechanical switch element through a sealed membrane.
  • Mechanical/electronic - A mechanical cam trips a mechanical plunger. The metallic plunger is sensed internally by an inductive sensor and the output signal is switched electronically.
  • Inductive/electronic - Metallic cam is sensed by an inductive sensor element, which changes state electronically to activate the output signal. Noncontact operation for wear-free service in areas without metallic chips.


  • Reliable and robust, even in harsh environments
  • Maintenance-free, self-lubricating plunger guide
  • Viton® seals
  • Multiple housing styles
  • Wide variety of plunger styles
  • Standard and safety switches
  • LED function indicators
  • IO-Link versions

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