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Image processing in production

Solutions for your unique requirements

Balluff's vision solutions enable early detection of production errors, perform optical checks, detect and decode objects, and assist robots in position finding. This ensures maximum quality and flexibility in your production process.

Traceability solutions

Identifying objects through decoding is essential for many tasks: for uninterrupted tracking of products and assembly tasks in production control, in controlling replenishment processes in kanban systems, or for optical detection of tools. Our product line for optical identification includes stationary barcode readers like our vision sensor, mobile handheld readers, and accessories for standard and industrial grade applications. This hardware enables optical detection and reliable verification of all common 1D and 2D barcodes as well as stacked codes, and they're easy to use.

Application examples: Traceability solutions

Packaging industry – Code and plain text detection on packages

Food industry – Detecting PDF417 code on raw materials delivered

Life science – Identifying samples and racks

Solutions for product and process control

Balluff vision solutions enable efficient production by providing reliable support in product and process control. They let you detect processing errors early, enable fast corrections and prevent scrap batches so that your costs are reduced.

Application examples: Product and process control

Beverage industry – Seal monitoring

Pharmaceutical industry – Checking blister pack contents

Iron and steel industry – Hot rolling/heavy plate production – Correct assignments of slabs and coils

Automobile Industry – Pressing Plant – Detecting Cracks in Formed Parts

Automobile industry – Paintshop – Checking sealing compound at difficult seams

Plastics industry – Connectivity and joining technology – Visual quality control

Automobile industry – Final assembly – Semi-finished parts identification

Monitoring connector assembly