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The Safety Course will prepare individuals to implement safety devices connected to a Balluff Safety Hub.

Structure of the Course

The Safety Course uses a hands-on approach. Each pair of participants will share a safety demo which contains a sampling of various safety components. This demo case is used in the lab exercises. It contains an E-Stop, a light curtain, a gate switch, and a safety hub. It also contains a Safe PLC.

Course Content

  • Distinguish safety from security
  • Explain the purpose and steps of a risk assessment
  • Describe the two key machine safety standards
  • Calculate a performance level and a SIL
  • Define MTTFd, DC, and SFF
  • Explain the difference between categories B, 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Identify the products available in the Balluff safety product portfolio
  • Explain the Balluff safety strategy in the marketplace
  • Explain how safety is achieved (test pulses, direct opening contacts, diversity, 1001 vs. 1002, CCF, etc)
  • Explain the purpose of SISTEMA software


The Balluff Safety Hub
  • Explain the purpose of the BNI0098 safety hub
  • Make power and signal connections to the module
  • Connect safety devices to the ports of the module
  • Interpret the catalog number for the module
  • Identify the functions of the ports on the module
  • Interpret the LEDs of the module
  • Configure the FAddress of the module
  • Add and configure the module in a Siemens controller
  • Explain the way to address the ports in the controller

Target Audience

Anyone who would like to learn the basics of safety in automation.




1 day

Upcoming dates

  • March 14th, 2019

Order Number and Price

BSS EDU-I-250-002
$500 per individual

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Event location

Balluff, Inc.
North American Training Center
8125 Holton Dr
Florence, KY 41042


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Please sign up promptly. The number of participants is limited to 10 people. The minimum number of participants is 4 people.