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Smart Reordering System

Código de digitação:

BSG SRS - Smart Reordering System

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Descrição do produto

The Smart Reordering System contains all the necessary components - from the sensor to the gateway to the cloud application.
Installation is done quickly: The battery-operated optical sensors can be attached to the material location without cabling, regardless of whether it is Kanban shelves, pallet spaces, assembly workstations or pick-up and drop-off locations. By using LoRaWan communication, very long ranges are achieved between the sensor and the gateway. Only the gateway needs to be supplied with power. The connection to the cloud application takes place either via Ethernet or optionally with a SIM card. The users log in to the cloud application via web browser, in which the sensor data is processed and prepared. Data security is guaranteed during the entire process and no intervention in the existing IT infrastructure or additional software is required.

The system avoids unnecessary material stocks and at the same time ensures that sufficient inventories are in stock. If the stocks reach a previously individually defined limit, the system automatically notifies the user. He can also call up the current fill levels on his personal dashboard in the cloud application at any time and from anywhere. The data provided enable a comprehensive analysis of consumption. Thanks to standardized interfaces, the Smart Reordering System can be linked to ERP systems and can trigger ordering processes automatically.

System for simple and automatic monitoring of stock levels.
The wireless communication between sensor and gateway allows a quick installation for almost any application and
the cloud software enables location-independent inventory management.
Documentação técnica
  • Ficha técnica

Documentação do produto
  • Installation/Assembly manual

    BAV MA-OD-00027-01 (Alemão, Inglês, Espanhol)
  • Manual de instruções

    BAI SRS-S01S-S2N-..-ZZZZ (Alemão, Inglês)
    BAV MA-OD-00027-01 (Alemão, Inglês)
Material informativo
  • Relatório de aplicação

    Benutzerhineweis – Cloud Safety Information (Alemão)
    User Instructions – Cloud Safety Information (Inglês)
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