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Balluff Reinforces their Presence in India

Balluff Automation

Balluff Reinforces their Presence in India

Balluff has been represented in the Indian market for over 30 years. With the founding of Balluff Automation India Pvt. Ltd. the automation specialists have their own subsidiary in India now and can serve one of the most important markets in Asia-Pacific directly and respond quickly to the needs of their customers.

The cross-industry experience of global player Balluff with their 4000 employees worldwide is undoubtedly a great help. The name Balluff stands for innovative technology, quality and cross-sector experience in industrial automation. Founded in 1921, this family-owned company in its fourth generation offers a high-value range of sensor, identification, network and software solutions. In addition to the central headquarters in the southern Germany town of Neuhausen a.d.F. Balluff can boast sales, production and development facilities in 68 countries around the globe. This guarantees customers rapid worldwide availability of products and high consulting and service quality on site. Production is not only at the headquarters in Germany, but also in other modern production facilities in Hungary, Switzerland, the USA, Brazil, and China.

Balluff is considered one of the pacesetters for Industry 4.0. The linking of industrial automation and the IT world requires data. Balluff sensors, identification systems and industrial networking solutions provide this important information about the conditions of systems and machines and ensure seamless data transfer with host systems and the cloud. This makes them the foundation for the smart adaptive factory with their consistent linking of industrial automation and the IT world.

Robust RFID solutions for industrial use

Balluff RFID systems have been used for over 30 years in many sectors for production control, counterfeit protection, container management, tool identification, kanban systems or even in product tracking. Complete traceability solutions including the associated software are likewise a specialty of the company. In addition to the proven range of rugged LF and HF systems, UHF systems (865-868 and 902-928 MHz) for long ranges are available.

Such a system is used for example in a conveying system for filling, sorting and packaging of silicon cartridges. Here it not only enables uninterrupted documentation of the processes, but provides the data to the controller in real-time and automates the complete material flow including the filling and packaging process.

Balluff BIS identification systems are today an integral part of tool management systems on many machine tools. All the tools are fitted here with data carriers on which their identification and wear data are stored. When tools are changed these parameters are automatically read, thereby significantly reducing machine downtimes. This enables optimizing the service time utilization of the tools.

Another example is a flexible production line for crankshafts: here a renowned automotive suppliers uses Balluff RFID transponders as electronic product slips in conjunction with workpiece carriers on a flexible manufacturing line for ready-to-install crankshafts in mixed operation. The company organizes and controls the material flow and production process efficiently and without risk of mix-ups.

IO-Link as an enabler for Industry 4.0

Simplified linking of sensors and actuators to the machine controller is another important aspect that Balluff addresses. The automation specialists offer not only the complete accessories such as cables and connectors, but also are closely involved with several sensor and actuator manufacturers in promoting the development of the fieldbus-neutral communication standard IO-Link into an industry-binding standard.

This digital I/O standard links sensors and actuators to the host controller by simple means using three-conductor cable and connectors. Complicated wiring is passé, which saves time, material, and money. At the same time, this simple communication standard focuses directly on the place where things happen.

IO-Link process devices can be employed as plug-and-play using an IO-Link master in integrated system concepts. Additional information such as the device identity and diagnostic data, but also including parameter data, are then simple to transmit. The latter are needed for example when a size or recipe change needs to be performed on-the-fly for flexible lot sizes. Anyone who thinks about Industry 4.0 now is entirely on the right path: for it's not without reason that IO-Link is regarded as an enabler technology in the industry.