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Digital tool management

Together with ILLIG to a smartphone app for tools

Together with ILLIG to a smartphone app for tools

Balluff developed a smartphone app together with the machine manufacturer Illig. This software solution interacts with Balluff's RFID hardware attached to the customer's tool to form the interface between machine, tool and operator. The app makes it possible to view and evaluate the lifecycle data of molds not only in the machine, but also conveniently at any other location in production, without additional hardware. A readable RFID type label attached to the tool stores the specific characteristic data and supports the setting of the required tool parameters on the machine during tool change.

Added value for customers/end users

The use of the smartphone app simplifies digital tool management. New data only has to be maintained once. This applies both to the operators and to Illig's own service personnel. The data is then made available to all connected systems, with automated and simplified data exchange, data processing, logging and archiving simplify processes and reduce errors.
Furthermore, the smartphone app provides service personnel with additional relevant information about the machine, the tool, and the required material before they arrive on site for service. This can, for example, ensure the timely availability of the material and thus prevent the production from coming to a standstill.

The bottom line is that machine users and thus customers of Illig Maschinenbau achieve higher productivity through the smartphone app, thus increasing efficiency, and saving costs for the entire company. This is achieved primarily through higher availability of the tools, networking of all data, more transparency through additionally gained information, the pronounced user-friendliness and greater flexibility. According to the machine manufacturer, these are precisely the topics that are currently occupying its customers from various industries.

Project details

Development period (proof of concept, rollout, implementation):
3 months

RFID HF technology

Technical Requirements:
Open interfaces, External reader, Data to be tapped and cached in real time without WLAN

Service blocks:
cyber security, HMI design and development, embedded development, smart devices, hardware design and integration