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The Balluff Engineering Tool makes IO-Link even simpler

The software lets you configure all IO-Link devices on the network

The Balluff Engineering Tool

Industrial automation is seeing more and more IO-Link devices in use, all of which need to be parameterized and diagnosed. For this to happen efficiently, software that supports these functions is becoming of greater importance.

Our Balluff Engineering Tool software, or BET, enables manufacturer-neutral startup and configuration of IO-Link devices according to the IO-Link standard for sensors and actuators. Now you can parameterize and start up your IO-Link devices more easily and efficiently.

The BET provides the status of all the IO-Link devices in your network topology at a glance. You get notifications of IO-Link events, can easily document the current status of the topology and – without a PLC – test inputs and outputs.

This software also lets you simply set IO-Link devices regardless of the manufacturer. This has concrete benefits: you need fewer different software tools, and you save both time and money in updates as well as employee training.


  • Simple, faster setup of IO-Link devices, even without a PLC

  • Reduced startup time and fewer errors since IO-Link device settings can be saved and reused

  • Prevents wiring mistakes and reduces time-consuming trouble­shooting by testing the IO-Link wiring before startup

  • Overview of the entire IO-Link topology and its status

  • Greater efficiency: just one software package for all IO-Link sensors and actuators regardless of manufacturer and for all Profinet and Ethernet/IP IO-Link network modules from Balluff

  • The Balluff Engineering Tool is part of the Balluff Smart Automation and Monitoring System, with many different devices to choose from and a uniform, standardized configuration and diagnostics concept.

Balluff Engineering Tool