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New IP69K IO-Link master and I/O modules

Ideally suited for washdown applications

The new IO-Link master and I/O modules

Thanks to a new type of housing with a washdown design, our new BNI IO-Link master and I/O modules are compelling options wherever regular cleaning cycles, among other things, occur in challenging environments. With these new IO-Link devices, you can better manage such difficult conditions.

Part of the Smart Automation and Monitoring System (SAMS)

These new network devices are part of the Smart Automation and Monitoring System (SAMS). In addition to process and status data, these intelligent components provide you with valuable diagnostic data. As a result, they open up new possibilities to monitor the condition of machines and plants, take predictive/preventive maintenance measures, or to discover entirely new business models.

Powerful and robust - the new Profinet IO-Link master

The new IO-Link master is equipped with M12 L-coded power supply connections. This supports a total current for sensors and actuators of up to 16 A.

In addition, this IO-Link master offers a REST API as a programming interface. This allows you to transmit data to the IT level in a number of ways.

Its optimized web server allows you to easily monitor status information. For example, you can continuously check operating hours or current and power. In addition, it offers functions such as user management and output tests. We have integrated these and other helpful features directly into the web server, making them easy to use.

Special features

  • IP69K plastic housing designed for washdown applications
  • Ecolab certified
  • Supply voltage through M12-L coded connectors
  • Maximum output current up to 4 A per port
  • Advanced web server
  • REST API support
  • Convenient diagnostics through IO-Link and status LEDs

Uncomplicated and durable - the new family of IO-Link sensor/actuator hubs

The new family of BNI IO-Link I/O modules offers variants for digital inputs/outputs and for analog input signals. Choose the right device according to your needs and requirements. Depending on the application, you can manage up to 16 digital inputs and outputs (with or without separate power supply for high load) or up to 8 analog signals. In addition, they offer module status values, such as an operating hours counter and vibration monitoring.

Special features

  • IP69K plastic housing designed for washdown applications
  • Ecolab certified
  • Convenient diagnostics via IO-Link and status LEDs
  • All ports independently parameterizable
  • Single channel monitoring
  • Configurable digital inputs/outputs
  • Analog voltage and current signals
  • Digital hubs with extension connection port
  • Variant with auxiliary voltage through M12-L coded connector


  • IO-Link sensor/actuator hubs for washdown applications