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UHF read/write head with integrated IO-Link processor unit

Smart Automation and Monitoring System

UHF read/write head with integrated IO-Link processor unit

Powerful, smart sensor technology and multifunctional solutions form the basis for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your machines and plants.

Thanks to their smart features, our intelligent components also provide you with valuable and uniform diagnostic data in addition to process and condition data. They open up new possibilities for you – from monitoring the condition of the machine and entire plants (condition monitoring) to predictive/preventive maintenance and completely new business models.

The Smart Automation and Monitoring System (SAMS) represents Balluff's comprehensive automation philosophy. Thanks to its standardized operating and configuration concept, long commissioning times, high training costs and unexpected device failure are also a thing of the past.

Part of the SAMS are our new UHF read/write heads with integrated IO-Link evaluation unit (860...960 MHz), which are used especially for identification in format part recognition.

These read/write heads are optimized for close range and reliably detect objects at reading distances of up to 50 cm. They impress with their IO-Link interface, which enables smooth integration by connecting to master network components in the SAMS. Their M30 compact cylinder housing can also be easily installed in confined spaces. In addition to reliable identification, the read/write heads provide you with numerous condition monitoring functions – such as temperature and signal quality monitoring – as well as other multifunctions.


  • Washdown Plus promise: Exceeds IP69K protection rating and 1000 cleaning cycles are guaranteed
  • Hygienic material (stainless steel 1.4404/PBT)
  • H2O2-resistant
  • IO-Link interface with advanced smart features

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