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IIoT Portfolio

The Balluff IIoT selection

IIoT Portfolio

The Industrial Internet of Things cannot function without hardware, because sensors, RFID and network devices generate and transport the data needed for all of the applications.

Our diverse product portfolio and long years of automation expertise mean we can offer a broad and solid basis for ongoing development of new IIoT-capable solutions. When developing our products, we focus on the use of open standards. By using standardized interfaces and protocols, we ensure that you can run our solutions in your existing IIoT infrastructure and on common platforms.

Get to know the Balluff IIoT selection. These products offer many different and high-quality data points for IIoT capable applications.


Part of the IIoT selection includes all of our sensors which feature a digital protocol such as the IO-Link communication standard. These also provide pre-processed process and service data.
Provision of this process data proves the added value of these sensors for IIoT capable applications: This data can be evaluated and useful information obtained from it. For example, you can reduce equipment downtime by monitoring sensor switching function.

Example: The added value of magnetic field positioning systems
The BMP magnetic field positioning system with IO-Link interface supports concepts like condition monitoring because the sensor uses its interface to provide additional pre-processed process and service data. This includes variables such as internal temperature, operating hours and switching cycles.

RFID and industrial networking

The IIoT selection includes sensors as well as RFID and network blocks which enable continuous communication from the field level up to the IT level. These devices are the middleware you need for IIoT capable applications.

Example: Communicate even more simply using network blocks
It has long been possible to configure IO-Link network devices such as the BNI network block for Profinet over a web server. Now you also have a REST API as a programming interface. With it you can easily communicate with the blocks, for example to further transport data to the IT level.

Example: Use RFID processor unit to communicate directly with the edge level
The BIS V RFID processor unit features a TCP/IP and a USB interface. This enables direct communication with the edge level. Even PC-based systems can connect to the processor unit and be used for example for digital tool management on machining centers or machine tools.

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