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Quality Assurance

Automating quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Industrial image processing is indispensable for modern, flexible manufacturing. It ensures product quality and enables efficient manufacturing processes down to lot size 1.

Balluff solutions pave the way to a versatile, high-performance range of applications for automated quality assurance. The possibilities for industrial image processing offered by our growing product portfolio are virtually unlimited, whether for visual quality inspections, identification or positioning tasks. And best of all, our image processing products are simple to set up and intuitive to operate. Using our smart vision solutions you can reliably improve the quality of your production.

Application example

(1) SmartCamera offers diverse quality inspections
Our SmartCamera with fieldbuses and IO-Link offers you a wide range of possible applications. It takes over visual quality controls of finished parts, including their production. For example, it checks if size, distance, position and orientation are correct, or if the parts are complete and fault-free. This means you can discover and correct process errors early in each individual production step. The result is less scrap and reduced follow-on costs.

(2) Reliably prevent errors with photoelectric sensors
Not every quality inspection requires smart systems. Simply using photoelectric sensors can reliably eliminate production errors.

For example, using a color sensor is an outstanding way to check whether an inspected component is the right color. If so, it automatically moves to the next processing step. Proactively preventing defects supports an efficient process.

(3) SmartLights are a convenient way to visualize the process
Using the IO-Link master interface allows you to monitor the process directly – without the need for a PLC. All you need is our IO-Link SmartLight stack light which visualizes trends and sequences. Based on the color scale of their LED display, you get a view of what is happening and are always up-to-date on the process. Thanks to IO-Link installation is fast using plug-and-play. And with IO-Link the SmartLight is fast and easy to configure and it can even be changed on-the-fly.

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