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Balluff as an employer

Be informed about our working environment and your perspectives

Balluff as an employer

We at Balluff Singapore ensure best possible work conditions and thus promote close, long-term relationships of our employees to the company. As a family-run company, we offer an open, cooperative management style with flat hierarchies. Short decision paths are important to us, just as the mutual personal contact.

Work environment

Balluff creates the basic conditions for effective working with a well equipped work environment. The most modern technology at the workplace is as important to us as large and bright rooms with comfortable furniture that enable ergonomic work. Our main office in Singapore allows to have all required divisions under one roof to shorten communication ways and improve collaboration with colleagues.


Balluff offers its employees interesting assignments, corresponding to the tendencies and abilities of each individual. Team-oriented work is of great importance in all company domains. Together, good ideas can be developed to the best solutions for us. Each employee thus contributes to the company's success along the creation chain. We are proud of this fact.

International deployments

Balluff is an internationally-active company with subsidiaries, representatives and production facilities world-wide. According to the area in which you work, business trips in the context of international cooperation are possible and necessary.