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Plastic and glass fibers for fiber-based devices

Photoelectric sensors

Available in:

173 versions

Our plastic and glass fibers, which are designed and tested for our fiber-based devices, are available as switches or in single-use designs. You can use them whenever you have virtually no installation space available, such as for detecting small parts, controlling part characteristics, parts positioning, counting tasks, and in robotics.

Plastic optics are used when requirements for robustness as well as temperature or chemical resistance are low. Glass fiber optics are suitable for harsh environments – even with oil mist and influence from chemicals – as well as for temperatures of over 200 °C.

Both of our plastic as well as glass fibers are characterized by their transmission accuracy and speed. Various end fittings (diameter from 2 to 8 mm, square from 5 x 4 mm to 23 x 55 mm, …) with straight or angled light emission, even bendable optic heads for plastic fibers, round out Balluff's portfolio.


  • High function reserve
  • High quality materials and precise machining
  • Homogeneous optical properties
  • Compact, flexible, and robust with various sheathing materials, lengths, and diameters
  • Teach in on the sensor via teach-in input or via the especially easy IO-Link
  • With diagnostics and condition monitoring functions upon request
  • Also available as user-configurable fibers

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173 versions

Order code Price Version Connector design Cable Range


BFO D22-XB-LB-EAK-15-02
2236.1 THB M6, coaxial optics Ø 2.2 mm PE, 2 m


BFO D10-LAH-CK-EAK-05-02
6476.65 THB 0.5 mm, 90° Ø 2.2 mm PE, 2 m


BFO D10-XA-RB-EAK-10-02
2761.2 THB M3, standard Ø 2.2 mm PE, 2 m


BFO D22-XB-LB-EAK-15-SA1-02
5607.11 THB M6, coaxial optics PE, 2 m 80 mm


BFO D22-XA-DB-EAK-20-01
2106 THB M6, standard PE, 1 m 140 mm


BFO D22-XA-SB-EAK-20-02
3229.2 THB M6, thin tip, standard Ø 2.2 mm PE, 2 m


BFO D22-XA-UB-EAK-20-02
2948.4 THB M4, standard PE, 2 m 150 mm


BFO D22-XB-UB-EAK-15-02
3276 THB M4, coaxial optics PE, 2 m 130 mm


BFO D22-XBF-LB-EAK-15-02
6786 THB M6, coax. optics, flex. cable PE, 2 m 110 mm


BFO N22-LA-FB-EAK-05-01
3182.4 THB M2, standard Ø 2.2 mm PE, 1 m 140 mm