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Fork sensors and angle sensors

Photoelectric sensors

Available in:

6 Series

In terms of accuracy, the fork sensors from Balluff are unrivaled for small-component and detail detection as well as operational reliability. Our BGL series fork sensors have a transmitter and receiver in one housing that are already aligned. This reduces effort and saves valuable time during commissioning.

Achieve the best results with our laser fork sensors for precise positioning, secure detection of fast movement sequences, small parts in robotics, and automation. Our comprehensive portfolio also offers you reliable solutions for difficult applications, e.g. for transparency detection, water detection, and web edge control. With the compact sizes of our small BGL MiniSlot series fork sensors we have the ideal solution for automation applications where normal photoelectronic sensors are too large to fit.

Angle sensors are a logical development of Balluff's fork sensors for more demanding applications. Their special housing configuration and beam geometry enable objects to approach and be recognized from almost every direction. The installation of the angle sensors is very simple even in difficult, confined spaces: The transmitter and receiver are firmly affixed to each other, making expensive brackets superfluous.

The special features of our optical fork and angle sensors

  • Different light types (red light, infrared, laser)
  • Robust metal housing or compact plastic housing
  • Precise detection and high repeatability
  • Large selection of different shapes and sizes
  • No time-intensive adjustment

Product guide for object recognition

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6 Series

Series Fork opening Interface Light type Connection type Connector 01, style


Standard fork light barriers made of metal
2 mm, 100 mm, 10 mm, 120 mm, 180 mm, 20 mm, 220 mm, 30 mm, 50 mm, 5 mm, 80 mm Push-pull, NPN, PNP Infrared, Red light Connector M8x1


Fork light barriers for special applications
30 mm, 80 mm NPN, PNP Infrared, Red light Connector M8x1


Fork light barriers for applications in the hygiene sector
50 mm, 80 mm PNP Infrared, Red light Cable with connector M12x1


Robust angled light barriers with different types of light
160 mm NPN, PNP Infrared, Red light Connector M12x1, M8x1


Space-saving fork light barriers made of plastic in various designs
5 mm NPN, PNP Infrared Cable, Connector


Fork light barriers with light band
30 mm, 50 mm IO-Link, Analog, voltage, Analog, current, PNP Red light Connector M12x1

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