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Innovative Inductive Coupler with IO-Link Interface

Fast, non-contact data and power transmission

Fast, non-contact data and power transmission

Inductive coupler systems are now indispensable in many applications. With their non-contact transmission of data and power, they have replaced the once-popular plug-in contacts. The maximum transmittable coupler power plays a central role in many applications including the gripper control in robotics.

The new BIC Q40 inductive couplers from Balluff provide you with a system that leaves all the other inductive couplers far behind. It delivers up to 1.7 A continuous current for an output up to 40 W of power – that is three times that of common couplers on the market! Thanks to its IO-Link interface, the system assists in the smooth and fast exchange of events, parameter and process data between the IO-Link device and the IO-Link master. Data transmission is transparent, with no confi guration of the IO-Link coupler necessary. By supporting COM3, the system also enables the fastest possible data exchange. Bi-directional communication means you can control actuators and valve terminals at the same time while also collecting signals. Our new BIC inductive couplers have the best available fl exibility and performance level now.


  • Compact block-style form factor
  • Potential 180° turn angle of the plug insert (Base and Remote)
  • 1.7 A continuous current: approx. 40 W power transfer
  • Peak currents of up to 5 A possible
  • Compatible with existing and future systems
  • Supports COM2 and COM3 operating modes – fastest IO-Link standard
  • Transmission distances between Base and Remote up to 12.5 mm

Innovative inductive coupler with IO-Link interface


  • Inductive coupler with IO-Link-Interfacr

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