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Photoelectric multi-function sensor

Sensor data – anytime and anywhere

Photoelectric multi-funcion sensor

Generating, transporting and processing information: this is what the Industry 4.0 environment is all about. Intelligent in situ sensors like the new BOS 21M ADCAP photoelectric multi-function sensor provide the needed input. It detects on-site operating conditions, collects and processes information and provides far more data than just the switching signal over IO-Link.

With four photoelectric sensor principles in one device you can always adapt the sensor function to your application – and use the sensor for background suppression, as a diffuse, retro-reflective or through-beam sensor. Simply change the function depending on the object via IO-Link, and the best and most reliable detection method is available to you.

The detection signals are pre-processed in the sensor, relieving you of much of the programming and taking the load off the system controller. Via a counter function, the sensor offers various counting and reset modes. Its freely configurable frequency monitoring also allows you to perform tasks such as detecting and monitoring speeds.

Totally unique in sensors of this size is the ability to constantly monitor the light intensity and brightness of the LED emitter beam. Thanks to diagnostic information with live values for light remissivity and operating hours you can recognize trends and irregularities early to prevent critical operating conditions before they occur.


Three unique ADvanced CAPabilities are among the integral components

  • Multi-function sensor unit
  • Intelligent data pre-processing in the sensor
  • Smart, efficient diagnostics

Photoelectric multi-function sensor


  • Photoelectric Multi-Function Sensor BOS 21M ADCAP

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