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IO-Link Application Examples

We Speak IO-Link – in the Entire Production Process

IO-Link Application Examples

IO-Link communication ensures transparency for all of automation, in every field – including logistics, service, manufacturing, assembly, testing and packaging – and for every single application including fluid, identification, position sensing and object detection. This enables seamless communication from the field level up to the cloud.

At Balluff you gain holistic IO-Link solutions with high-performance IO-Link sensors and the best IO-Link network and connectivity technology. Innovative solutions from Balluff such as Safety over IO-Link, the LED signal towers and the Balluff SmartLight, impressively show how IO-Link technology enables intelligent machines, systems and smart production processes. Balluff speaks IO-Link in every field and with all principles of operation, so you have access to IO-Link advantages throughout the entire system and for each individual machine:

  • IO-Link is easy to install
  • IO-Link increases machine availability
  • IO-Link enables need-oriented maintenance
  • IO-Link makes operations more efficient

Security with IO-Link

Security is a priority. Therefore, to increase the efficiency of safety concepts and integrate them into the system control, we have developed a safe I/O module – the Balluff Safety Hub, the first integrated safety solution using IO-Link communication. Safety over IO-Link is easy to integrate, responds quickly and can replace the control cabinet. Safety over IO-Link connects automation and security technology and communicates down to the last meter. The IO-Link interface delivers details on sensors and actuators, in addition to information that is relevant to security.

IO-Link SmartLight

The LED signal towers, SmartLight from Balluff, use a flexible, diverse spectrum of colors to indicate operating conditions such as temperature, current system levels or even the position of a slide in a linear displacement system. This allows you to simply read what a current status is based on the color scale. All colors can be individually set via the controller. Different colors can be assigned with a few commands, without having to mechanically change the LED stack lights. This means you can even make changes in the course of operation thanks to IO-Link.

We Speak IO-Link

Balluff speaks IO-Link in every field and with all principles of operation. Together, we are making full use of all possibilities for IO-Link communication. In the following, you will see how you can use IO-Link performance in a variety of ways.

Application examples


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