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Complete ID solutions for transfer systems

Acquire Data in Real Time

Complete ID solutions for transfer systems

Optimize the parts tracking process

When your automation calls for parts tracking, there is no good alternative to RFID because these self-controlling systems record and document all the data in real time. They make every single production step, every material used and each operating resource traceable, so that corrections are possible while the process is still running. The full transparency provided by RFID is a necessity for process optimization while ensuring high product quality.

Our rugged BIS V processor unit provides fast data transmission, short cycle times and increased data security in all applications. This lets you use different RFID technologies – LF, HF and UHF – simultaneously on a single processor unit. One processor unit is all you need to handle any application. This high-performer features perfect electromagnetic compatibility and works with all common bus systems for whatever industry you are in.

BIS V comes with four ports which can be individually configured and operated simultaneously with up to four read/ write heads. In addition, you can connect IO-Link capable sensors and actuators or a sensor hub with up to 16 sensors to the integrated IO-Link master port. This lets you bundle sensor data simply with any network technology. Your network structure becomes more efficient, while you save time and money.

Alternately, you can use IO-Link ID systems. As easy to connect to the IO-Link master as a sensor, they do not require a processor unit. The bottom line: IO-Link makes parts tracking especially economical.


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