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For pneumatics and hydraulics

Safety for Clamping Devices

For pneumatics and hydraulics

All-in-one solution for connecting sensors and actuators – galvanically isolated

Our galvanically-isolated sensor/actuator hub ensures safety on the workpiece holder. This all-in-one solution allows you to connect both sensors and actuators to just one module. The sensor segment provides the position feedback. At the same time, you can safely turn off the actuator segment using its separately switchable safety circuit, since the IO-Link I/O hub is divided into two galvanically isolated segments.

To safely interrupt the supply voltage to the actuator segment you need an external safety device. You can then implement safety functions up to SIL2 in accordance with EN62061. Also reassuring: the rugged IP67 metal housing is designed for even the harshest surroundings. Diagnostics are provided by IO-Link and status LEDs. You can also reliably monitor the signal quality.

Up to eight digital inputs and outputs can be controlled with the module. If the IO-Link connection is interrupted, the outputs assume predefined states which remain until the IO-Link connection is restored. Because of this clear machine status, you can continue to produce without a reference move and save valuable time once the connection is made again.


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