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Full transparency all the time

Position Workpieces in Assembly

Full transparency all the time

Smart diagnostics increases reliability

When it comes to Industry 4.0, generating, transporting and processing information are indispensable parts of the process. This makes local intelligent sensors all the more important. Our photoelectric multi-function sensors detect actual operating states while collecting and processing information. And via IO-Link they provide far more data than just the switching signal.

The BOS 21M ADCAP multi-function sensor with red light is ideal for optimally positioning your workpieces for assembly. For the best functionality, you can use IO-Link to conveniently select between four different sensor modes. This allows you to utilize the best and most reliable detection method depending on your application.

The sensor simultaneously sends diagnostic data as well. Now you can evaluate the light emissivity value provided and detect increasing contamination of the sensor. This allows maintenance and cleaning schedules to be designed so the sensor is always cleaned at just the right time before failures can occur. You also know whether the sensors are still optimally adjusted after a cleaning.

The BOS 21M ADCAP can do even more: it continuously monitors light intensity and brightness of the LED emitter beam so that faulty switching of the sensor is virtually eliminated. The built-in count function with various counting and reset modes also allows the quantity to be checked in the controller without any additional programming effort.

If your detection requirements are even more demanding, we offer our photoelectric high-precision laser BOS 21M HPL with numerous additional functions. Thanks to various detection and processing modes, this high-performer also detects complex objects and the smallest details with absolute precision.


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