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Simplify industrial vision applications

Quality control to your individual specifications

Simplify industrial vision applications

Well-positioned for Industry 4.0 with IO-Link

For modern, flexible manufacturing, our SmartCamera with fieldbuses and IO-Link offers you a wide range of applications. It takes care of visual quality controls of the finished parts including their production steps by, for example, checking whether size, distance and orientation are correct or whether the parts are complete and undamaged. This means you can discover and correct process errors early in each individual production step. The result is less scrap and reduced follow-up costs.

To ensure an optimal process, the IO-Link interface allows additional sensors to be incorporated into the overall solution so that with our camera you are well equipped to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0.

For example, through the IO-Link master interface you can also directly – without a PLC – display process control states using our IO-Link SmartLight stack light. The SmartCamera enables intelligent data management and provides for modern information storage. All the data is formatted as desired and passed on to the host control system.

The user-friendly interface ensures that all the tasks can be simply and quickly taught according to your individual specifications. The complete software with online help, as well as graphical interface, tool aids and manual, are already integrated. We think you should be able to take brilliant images for granted.

Our SmartCamera also helps you stabilize your entire production process because it can be configured so that only the information needed for the controller flows through the process network. All other data is directed to a separate gigabit Ethernet network. This minimizes data load and secures your process network.


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