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Acting ethically and in accordance with applicable law is a central part of our understanding of values within the Balluff Group.

Principles such as integrity, righteousness and unconditional respect for human dignity are a matter of course for us and therefore form the basis and benchmark for all our business conduct. This serves not only to protect our stakeholders, but also to safeguard our own interests.

By establishing compliance management processes and introducing measures based on them, we ensure compliance with external and internal legal requirements by Balluff and the persons acting on behalf of Balluff.

Balluff Code of Conduct

By signing the ZVEI/VDMA Code of Conducts, we have defined the basic principles of our actions, which we actively demand our employees worldwide to observe. The contents apply in all branches and business units of our company.

We expect the same basic understanding from our business partners. Rights in favour of third parties are not to be established thereby.

Whistleblowing system

The first point of contact for employees is and remains their direct supervisor. Other points of contact may be the management, the human resources department or the works council.

The Legal & Compliance department also serves as the official contact for questions regarding the Balluff Code of Conduct or other compliance-related topics.

A key element of our compliance management process is the establishment of a global whistleblowing system. Our electronic whistleblowing system „Balluff Integrity Line“, which ensures protected communication between the whistleblower and the Balluff Compliance Team, is available in several languages and can be reached around the clock, 365 days a year. Each whistleblower is free to choose whether to submit a report in their own name or completely anonymously. 

All employees as well as our business partners and other external stakeholders have the opportunity to report violations to the following offices:      

Balluff Integrity Line

Provide information

Balluff Compliance E-Mail

[email protected]  

Balluff Compliance Hotline

+49 800 3800 999

(Mon.-Fri. 9-17h, available in German and English)

Balluff Compliance Officer

Geronimo Fritsch, Global Head of Legal & Compliance
Email: [email protected]

By letter

Balluff GmbH

Legal & Compliance  (Attn: Geronimo Fritsch)

Schurwaldstraße 9

73765 Neuhausen auf den Fildern


Reporting channels and procedures

Acknowledgement of receipt within 7 days of receipt and feedback to the whistleblower after 3 months at the latest will be provided by the Balluff Compliance Team.

Further coordination with the whistleblower during the investigation procedure is carried out by the case processing team in accordance with strict data protection requirements.

Appropriate remedial measures are taken at the end of the procedure and, if necessary and appropriate, the risk analysis and preventive measures are adapted accordingly.

The effectiveness of the whistleblowing system is reviewed at regular intervals.

The whistleblower system is available to receive and process actual or alleged violations, but not general complaints.

We welcome whistleblowers to use our whistleblowing system in the first instance to give us the opportunity to clarify and remedy the situation. If an internally reported violation is not remedied, employees and external stakeholders are free to contact an external reporting office.

Archiving and deletion concept

Data is archived within a maximum of 6 months from the end of case processing or determination of measures.

Automatic deletion usually takes place 200 days after archiving.

Longer legal retention periods remain unaffected by deletion.