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Up the tempo while improving quality


Increase the efficiency and speed of your in-house logistics processes with automation solutions from Balluff. Automating stock levels, material movements, conveying, transporting, loading, unloading, sorting and picking helps to reduce costs and reduces the error rate compared to purely manual processes.

Let our sensors, cables, identification solutions and network technology convince you. Combined with our customized digitalization and IIoT solutions, you will achieve more flexibility and profitability and thus a decisive competitive advantage.

Storage and retrieval: Manage variety – get a grip on time

Managing stock levels and material movements continuously while reliably avoiding errors are challenges facing companies in virtually every industry. Automated processes allow for storage and retrieval of even large quantities – within a shorter time and with greater precision. This is why dynamic shuttle systems and rack feeders are increasingly replacing manual warehouse work.

They assure efficient supply of the needed goods, interface with reliable components to provide continuous operation, and ensure high throughput. And they are highly accurate thanks to innovative identification solutions and transparent with software-controlled control possibilities.

Conveying and transporting: Trendsetting in material flow

Transporting, sorting, loading and unloading, buffering, or stowing – no matter how many different activities you find in intralogistics, what really matters is throughput and right place/right time availability. Whether in boxes, containers, on pallets or suspended on trolleys, the material must get from point A to point B as efficiently as possible and with maximum flexibility, since batch sizes are getting ever smaller due to the advance of individualization concepts.

Automated storage systems are the essence of an optimal transport solution. Here we offer innovative identification solutions so that you always know where your goods are. Our sensors, cables and our network technology also help you to optimize your internal processes – from charge carriers to the controller to the conveyor system.

Sorting and picking: Correctly assembled – whether partially or fully automated

Reliable sorting and picking – whether for production or customer orders – is among the most complex and work-intensive processes in intralogistics. To save costs, related activities are being continually partially or fully automated.

Our automation components and systems help you in the efficient implementation of such projects. The focus is generally on cost optimizations in identification and quality control as well as in transport and marking. You can be assured that even when fully automated solutions are not possible, there is still great savings potential, e.g. through collaborative robots or pick-to-light systems that unburden employees.


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