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Check correct installation of door components

Check correct installation of door components

Vehicle components such as doors are becoming more elaborately equipped and there are an increasing number of model variants on the market. For example, numerous individual parts such as window regulators, door control units, sensors, interior door handles and door locks have to be installed in a door and placed correctly. Quality controls during the production process of car doors are therefore essential. With our SmartCamera BVS SC, for example, you can automatically check the correct installation of the electronic window regulator in the door module.

With its simple, software-supported operation, the intuitively operated camera can be quickly integrated into your processes. It not only delivers brilliant images but also has everything on board that makes for ease of use: software, online help, a graphic interface, tool aids, and a manual. In addition, we offer you a large portfolio of accessories such as lenses, lighting and mounting accessories.

And our camera enables you to transmit only the information necessary for control runs via the process network. All other data is routed to a separate Gigabit Ethernet network. This reduces the data load and secures your process network.

The features

  • Smart data management to limit the load on the fieldbus
  • Easy setup and intuitive operation, no previous knowledge required
  • Universally applicable software for different cameras
  • Direct visualization and control of production processes through IO-Link interface
  • Fast access possible through integrated web interface (remote access)


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