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Easily distinguish colour nuances of textiles

Easily distinguish colour nuances of textiles

Frequent color changes of seat covers or dashboards are the order of the day in flexible production. It is difficult for the human eye to distinguish small color nuances correctly. This makes our BFS color sensors an important success factor in a production line.

With these easy-to-use optoelectronic sensors, you can automate and accelerate your processes. Thanks to high color resolution, a wide range of colors and color nuances can be detected. These TrueColor sensors select bad parts or enable correct allocation of the different parts to the end product. In this way, they ensure a consistently high product quality and contribute to a reliable production process.

The features

  • Very high color resolution
  • High ranges of up to 400 mm due to strong white light sources
  • Distinguish any number of objects (up to 255 can be directly taught-in)
  • Always objective and unerring
  • Can be parameterized application-specific
  • IO-Link variants available for easy parameterization

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