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Balluff at the trade fair SPS

Intelligent automation solutions

Balluff at the trade fair SPS

The Balluff booth at this year’s SPS is all about industrial network technology. Visitors will also gain insights into industrial machine vision.

Nuremburg – Fusing classic automation technology (OT) and information technology (IT) becomes possible in the Industrial Internet of Things. Due to the fact that industrial processes are increasingly becoming automated and digitalized, bidirectional communication of sensors and actuators is becoming more and more important. And so is industrial network technology, which is also reflected in the steadily growing product portfolio of sensor and automation specialist Balluff. Following the theme “Discover Networking Solutions", the company will present its intelligent solutions at this year’s SPS exhibition (Smart Production Solutions). The international trade fair for electric automation technology takes place November 8th through 10th in Nuremburg, Germany.

Growing technology diversity leads to increasing customer needs and requirements. This is why the Balluff booth gives visitors insights into IIoT-capable hardware, software, and the Smart Automation and Monitoring System (SAMS) by Balluff. As a holistic solution for condition monitoring of machines, systems and processes, the Condition Monitoring Toolkit (CMTK) bundles all necessary components to visualize and analyze the condition of machines and systems. Early fault detection prevents unplanned downtimes and saves time and costs (for more info see attached press release).

Communication between sensor and automation system

Part of the steadily growing product portfolio: With IO-Link Wireless (for more info see attached press release), Balluff has added a wireless and cable-free solution to its portfolio.

In addition, the focus is on the IO-Link communication standard, which is considered an essential component of the factory of the future. As a digital interface, it enables a fieldbus-independent point-to-point connection and seamless communication between the intelligent sensor and the automation system. With IO-Link Wireless (for more info see attached press release), Balluff has added a wireless and cable-free solution to its portfolio, which promises an even more flexible and sustainable application—and guarantees the same system integration and compatibility properties.

Other exhibits at the booth include: the Portable Monitoring System for condition monitoring (for more info see attached press release), the Smart Reordering System, guaranteeing dynamic inventory management (for more info see attached press release) as well as the Guided Changeover Solution, which enables a safe and fast, semi-automated format adjustment. Additionally: the Balluff Engineering Tool (BET), which provides users with an overview of the status of all IO-Link devices in their network (for more info see attached press release). Traceability is made possible, among other things, by the extensive RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) portfolio, which can be used to document the product history of all production parts, materials, and operating equipment. The new STM Cube (BOH and BAE) offers optical mini-sensors and associated amplifiers that now also speak IO-Link.

Focusing on industrial machine vision

The requirements of new IIoT applications also impact industrial ma-chine vision. In addition to its industrial cameras, Balluff subsidiary MATRIX VISION will also exhibit its 3D Machine Vision Portfolio at the booth—these include high-resolution 3D stereo camera systems with up to 12 megapixel and an integrated projector.

Moreover, the new BVS IdentSensor will celebrate its debut at the fair. The stationary and user-friendly codereader guarantees high reading quality and robustness and adds modern capabilities to classic data transmission. Here, the codereader uses IO-Link as a digital industrial interface for the first time. Thanks to additional smart features, customers also gain insight into the current status of their entire system.

The new BVS IdentSensor.

Face-to-face conversations

“In order to show visitors at the booth exactly how our solutions are applied, we visualizes the data of the connected Cubes using a central dashboard," explains Alexander Schmidt, Business Strategy Manager at Balluff. The coffee machine at the booth not only invites visitors to have a face-to-face conversation, but also serves as a real use case thanks to a condition monitoring sensor (BCM), machine learning and other automation solutions.

About the company Balluff

Founded in 1921 in Neuhausen a.d.F., Balluff employs 3600 people worldwide and represents innovative technology, quality and cross-industry experience in industrial automation. As a leading sensor and automation specialist, the fourth-generation family-owned company offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality sensor, identification and image processing solutions, including network technology and software. In 2021, Balluff Group reported revenues of around 504 mil. Euros. In addition to the main headquarters in Neuhausen a. d. F., Balluff has sales, production and development locations around the world and can boast 37 wholly owned subsidiaries and other representatives in 61 countries. This guarantees customers rapid worldwide availability of products and high consulting and service quality on site.