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Magnetic Encoder System

For universal applications – even in demanding conditions

For universal applications – even in demanding conditions

The BML SF2 incremental magnetic encoder system was developed for universal and reliable use in applications where you have to reconcile greater mounting tolerances with high system performance. At mounting distances of up to 1.0 mm you still achieve a system accuracy of ±12 μm. The compact form factor and low weight means the measuring system is easy to integrate, even in tight mounting spaces and in high-dynamic applications.

The BML SF2 features analog sin/cos or digital A/B/Z interfaces and can be easily linked to incremental input cards. The integrated LED lets you know the system status at all times. This is helpful for installation, startup and during operation, but also in setup mode, for example when the machine needs to be retooled.

Its great flexibility and ruggedness make the BML SF2 magnetic encoder the ideal partner in demanding applications in special machine building for cutting and forming machines, and in all applications where other distance and angle measurement solutions do not provide the needed accuracy and installation tolerance.


  • Reliable: non-contact and wear-free measuring principle
  • Universal: measuring lengths up to 48 m, high system accuracy down to ±12 μm
  • Time-saving: generous read distance up to 1.8 mm makes installation easier
  • Convenient: status LED for situational awareness
  • Easy to integrate: extremely compact form factor for small footprint

Magnetic Encoder System BML SF2


  • Magnetic Encoder System BML SF2

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