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Support and consultation

Our experts give you confidence in your decision and make your work easier.

Support and consultation

Balluff carries an extremely wide range of around 2000 products. Our experts know them all. And can tell you precisely which sensor is most appropriate for which application under which conditions for which outcome.

Whether you're facing new tasks or want to optimize existing applications – consulting with one of our experienced engineers will give you confidence in your decision, save you valuable time and make your work easier.

If you wish, we can even run application scenarios on site in advance as a practical test. Take advantage of our expertise!

  • Competent support from A to Z, from site inspections to accessories
  • Prepared documentation for all proposed solutions with product overview, alternatives, and recommendations for a contact person for the duration of the project

Sending samples

Play it safe – order samples for your test scenarios.

If you would like to machine-test a particular type of sensor in advance, we are happy to provide you with a sample for a specified period.

You can thus run different usage scenarios on site and be on the safe side even with the application. A call is enough – we will ship you a custom sample model without delay.

Part Number Cross Reference

Simplify your logistics and always stay on top of the latest technology.

Do you need the successor to one of our sensors? Do you want to standardize your equipment? Or simply reduce the number of your suppliers? We will be happy to take care of the cross referencing for you and inform you of the appropriate part numbers.

So you get everything from one source, simplify your logistics, always stay on top of the latest technology, ensure the best efficiency and increase your competitiveness too.