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Light bands and light grids

Photoelectric sensors

Available in:

1 Series

Our multifunctional high-resolution light bands and light grids are suitable for a wide range of applications. The BLA light band unites up to three different parallel measurement results in one device: You can identify parts, determine positions, and count objects. Numerous measurement modes are available such as testing object diameters, positions, gap widths and positions, edge positions, and object quantities. The continuous and homogeneous light band is produced by a powerful red-light laser and is highly visible. Up to six different objects over digital outputs can be taught in and displayed using the intuitive control panel. Our BLG light grids are ideally suited for scanning large areas, counting parts, detecting stack heights (of paper, for example), or for measuring the height of pallets. They are superior to classic through-beam sensors that typically only scan specific points.

The special features of our light bands and light grids

  • Robust metal housing for stable mounting and precise alignment
  • Also suitable for large objects
  • Various signal outputs available
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • No additional accessories such as controller, PC or software required

Product guide for object recognition

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1 Series

Series Active length AL 1 Light type Interface Smallest part typ.


Light grids
100 mm, 150 mm, 16 mm, 300 mm, 32 mm, 50 mm, 72 mm Infrared, Red light IO-Link, Analog, voltage, PNP/NPN, Analog, voltage/analog, current, PNP Wire Ø 0.5 mm at R0 ≤ 1m, Wire Ø 0.3 mm at R0 ≤ 0.25m, 5.0 at t 0.5 x Sn, R 0 = 2.1 m, 7.0 at t 0.5 x Sn, R0 = 2.1 m, Wire Ø 0.4 mm at R0 ≤ 0.25m, Wire Ø 0.7 mm at R0 ≤ 1m, Wire Ø 1.0 mm at R0 ≤ 2m

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