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Simplify Guided Format Change with New Balluff Digital Position Guide

Semi-automated user guidance provides cost-effective solution

Balluff’s new digital position guide simplifies format change and minimizes errors and downtime.

The easy-to-use position indicator was designed to simplify format change to more easily meet the ever-decreasing lot sizes resulting from individualized packaging and special formats. It allows users to quickly configure machinery to adapt to varying materials, weights and package counts, while adding precision to the process.

The sensor is connected to the machine and shows what nominal values need to be met for the format change. A built-in runlight and numerical display guide the user to the correct values. The user simply turns the spindle to reach the correct preset values.

This straightforward and accurate user guidance increases efficiency and eliminates the errors often seen in fully manual format changes. It’s a cost-effective solution that greatly improves an error-prone manual process without the expense of a fully automated one.

The IO-Link interface reduces installation costs and allows distances to be programmed for the position guide to use. Its diagnostics and condition monitoring capabilities measure machine performance and can be used to alert the user to any issues and eliminate unplanned downtime. Condition monitoring functions enable simultaneous monitoring of several critical operating conditions including internal temperature and relative humidity.

With its Ecolab certification and IP68 and IP69K ratings, it is ideal for packaging, food and beverage industries. It is also well suited for any general factory automation application requiring format change, especially those in metal working and life sciences.

Key features

  • Expanded IO-Link functionality using SAMS (Smart Automation and Monitoring System)

  • Smart features, such as internal temperature and relative humidity monitoring

  • Avoid errors through simple user interface

  • Easy to integrate via washdown design

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