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Universal Magnetic Field Sensors for C-Slot Usable on Any Pneumatic Cylinder

New Offerings from Balluff Designed for Tight Spaces

The newest addition to Balluff’s portfolio of magnetic field sensors can be used on any pneumatic cylinder with a C-slot, regardless of the manufacturer. The universal design allows the new models to replace several previous versions. Using fewer sensor variants reduces inventory needs and, therefore, costs.

Flush-mountable and available in an extremely short design, these were designed for space-critical applications. They can be inserted from above which allows them to be used where groove ends are closed and lateral insertion is not possible.

The flexible integration and IP67 rating make them especially useful in general automation applications, automotive production and in fluid power and drives, for example, to monitor the piston position on cylinders and grippers. The sensor detects the field of the magnet integrated in the piston through the cylinder wall.  Thanks to this non-contact position detection, the sensors function wear-free and reliably, even at high travel speeds.

Key features

  • Quick installation, firm hold

  • No contact burning, bouncing, or sticking

  • One switching point (with LED display)

  • Applicable for cylinders and grippers with strong or weak magnets

  • IP67: insensitive to dirt

  • Suitable for ambient temperatures –25...+85 °C

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