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Tool management

Collect tool data with RFID

Tool management

Tool management is indispensable for reliable automation processes, whether on machine tools or injection molding machinery. With Balluff you benefit from more than 30 years of tool management experience.

Not only that our low-frequency RFID system has established itself as the standard over many years and that we also offer high-frequency versions. Our solutions even offer the option of mixed frequencies in one unit. Backed by our decades of Industrial RFID expertise. Our systems provide you with reliably complete tool data, and support secure operation to increase the productivity of your plant.

Balluff plug-and-play solutions make it easy for you to enter the world of digital tool management. And they are easy to retrofit into existing machines. All is well that starts easy.


  • Simple, cost-effective entry into digital injection molding tool management
  • Documentation of the tool life cycle and recording of the production cycles using an autonomous system
  • High data security of all data available directly on the tool and in the database
  • Overview of the entire tool inventory, tool details and machine inventory from the browser application
  • Optimal tool changes by visualizing inspection intervals on the equipment and in the software
  • Efficient tool management – thorough, consistent process monitoring and planning capability

Tool ID

  • Digital tool management with RFID in machining centers
  • Send tool data reliably and fast via USB
  • Effortless retrofitting: simple configuration via web browser, no intervention in the machine tool itself and only very short downtimes