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Condition Monitoring Toolkit

Monitor conditions of existing machines and plants with the Condition Monitoring Toolkit

Condition Monitoring Toolkit

With Balluff's Condition Monitoring Toolkit (CMTK) you can avoid unplanned downtime and machine stoppages, saving you both costs and repair efforts. Our monitoring sensors and systems detect problems and maintenance needs of machines and equipment at an early stage by collecting and processing data via an independent system.

Modern condition monitoring is successful because it can detect even small changes quickly and reliably. This keeps you informed about the condition of your machines at all times so that you can plan repairs and perform preventive maintenance. And with its excellent cost-benefit ratio, our CMTK makes it easy to retrofit existing plants.

Components of the CMTK solution

With the CMTK you get an integrated condition monitoring solution for monitoring machines, plants and processes by measuring temperature, vibration, pressure etc.

1. The toolkit
The toolkit consists of the base unit hardware and integrated software which automates the collection and evaluation of sensor data.

2. IO-Link sensors
To obtain this sensor data, you can order a wide variety of IO-Link sensors from Balluff, along with all the associated cables and power supplies. Balluff offers you everything you need for condition monitoring from a single source.

Up to four IO-Link sensors can be connected per base unit, regardless of the manufacturer. If you already use sensors from other manufacturers, they can still be connected to the base unit. The base unit also does not require a connection to the machine controller. This means that your existing systems do not have to be adapted, but only supplemented. Your current structures and processes remain untouched.

The wide range of IO-Link sensors makes the application possibilities of the CMTK virtually unlimited.

Advantages of integrated condition monitoring

Reliable planning in your operation
If machines have to be serviced suddenly, this can lead to machine downtimes, production stops and delivery delays, which which always comes with high costs. To prevent this problem and increase your process reliability, the Condition Monitoring Toolkit helps you ensure correct machine function, detect irregularities and plan machine maintenance.

Commissioning and installation: Plug-and-play setup of the system and visualization of the data
You can complete the setup of the toolkit in a few minutes, and operating the system afterwards is intuitive and doesn't require prior knowledge or technical skills.

The system can be easily attached to existing machines, since it can run completely independently of the cloud and the machine control system.

If you do want to use the data in the cloud or your own database, the data can be accessed via MQTT protocol. In addition, customization is possible by using Docker technology.

Flexible data acquisition via IO-Link
The toolkit enables the connection of all kinds of sensors that are IO-Link-capable. From vibration sensors to temperature sensors to pressure sensors, everything can be connected to the base unit, even from a different manufacturer. In addition, up to four sensors can be connected to the base unit. This gives you versatility in the data the system acquires. And the ability to connect a large number of sensors can make the monitoring extremely precise.

Reliable data evaluation with remote monitoring
The software already installed on the base unit is used to set and monitor threshold values. You can configure these individually, depending on the monitoring requirements of the particular machine. The defined guide values act as thresholds; if these are exceeded, a warning message is sent. This helps you ensure that your production always runs according to plan.

The Condition Monitoring Toolkit enables you to monitor conditions remote by integrating with your network LAN. So at any time, the condition data of your machines can be accessed from anywhere.

The CMTK is suitable for a wide range of applications

Temperature monitoring of industrial machines

Our temperature sensors detect the contact temperature on important components such as spindles, bearings or motors so that the proper temperature of the machines can be maintained. Through the CMTK software, this temperature monitoring can be called up at any time and the machine health can be tracked.

Vibration monitoring of your machines and systems

Excessive vibrations or oscillations are warning signs that can be detected reliably by our Condition Monitoring Toolkit. For example, electric motors, fans and machine tools can be monitored with our vibration monitoring.

Electric motor monitoring

Use the CMTK as a complete retrofit solution to monitor electric motors and avoid unwanted and unplanned downtime.

Pump monitoring to ensure operational reliability

To ensure that all your pumps, valves and tanks are working as they should and that you are informed about any deviations from the defined control values, implementing our CMTK solution makes sense in every case. The Condition Monitoring Toolkit supports you by pump monitoring to increase operational reliability and save costs.

Reliable monitoring of your fans and air systems

Monitor your fans and exhaust systems with Balluff's solution for fan monitoring. With the help of the Condition Monitoring Toolkit, various measured variables, such as pressure and vibration, can be recorded and deviations from the defined values can be detected so that your machines can be serviced at an early stage and failures can be avoided.

Keeping an eye on hydraulic units at all times

Hydraulic power units are central components of every production system and therefore every machine failure would be associated with high costs due to production downtimes. With the Condition Monitoring Toolkit you can easily prevent this and monitor your hydraulic systems.

What does the Condition Monitoring Toolkit cost?

The central component of every CMTK system is the base unit with integrated software.
This is accompanied by your choice of sensors and an accessory package with all the necessary cables.

Base Unit

IO-Link sensors


One-time cost

One-time cost

One-time cost

  • Base Unit Hardware
  • Software

  • Condition Monitoring Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors
  • All IO-Link-capable sensors

  • Double-ended cordsets
Condition Monitoring Toolkit Sensors Connectivity

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