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The Balluff Engineering Tool

Configure IO-Link devices quickly and easily

Industrial networks with the IO-Link communication standard support versatile and efficient digital production, with IO-Link ensuring seamless communication from the sensor to the Internet.

With an increasing number of devices in use, configuration and diagnostics are very time-consuming and require special skills. To simplify the commissioning tasks of engineers, programmers, and maintenance staff, an increase plant efficiency, making use of powerful software such as the Balluff Engineering Tool offers considerable added value.

This is because it enables manufacturer-independent and centralized commissioning, configuration and parameterization of IO-Link devices according to the IO-Link standard for sensors and actuators.

Simple operation

This easy-to-use software provides central access to parameterize all IO-Link devices in a network. It provides an overview of the status of all IO-Link devices and informs you about events and errors. The user can easily document the current status of the network and, without a programmable logic controller (PLC), test inputs and outputs to avoid wiring errors.

Faster commissioning

In addition, the Balluff Engineering Tool IO-Link allows device settings and even entire machine or system configurations to be saved and reused. This simplifies and speeds up commissioning and helps to quickly change settings on a device when wiring problems are detected and when testing the machine.

Shortened maintenance times

The software also helps with the maintenance or servicing of IO-Link networks: missing or incorrectly connected devices can be quickly detected, and changes in the parameterization of a device can also be analyzed and easily rectified. And if a device should ever fail, the saved parameters can be restored after a device replacement. This reduces maintenance times and increases system availability.

The advantages of the Balluff Engineering Tool at a glance

  • Reduced commissioning time due to faster setup of IO-Link devices, even without a PLC
  • Avoidance of wiring errors and reduction of time-consuming troubleshooting by testing the IO-Link wiring before commissioning
  • Reduction of the complexity of IO-Link networks and simple, intuitive operation
  • Central access to parameterization of all IO-Link devices and overview of the connection status of the entire IO-Link topology
  • Higher efficiency - only one software for all IO-Link sensors and actuators independent of the manufacturer and for all Profinet and Ethernet/IP IO-Link network modules from Balluff
  • Increased system availability due to reduced maintenance times

"The more IO-Link devices there are in a plant, the more parameters have to be checked or even changed.

Diagnosis and troubleshooting become more complex for each machine and take up large amounts of time resources. This is exactly where our Balluff Engineering Tool comes in."

Heiko Mahr, Balluff Product Manager

Start for free and upgrade for even more benefits

The software tool can be installed on a PC and laptop. The software is available in 2 versions: as a free basic version with limited functionality or with the full range of functions after purchasing a license. We offer licenses for single end devices (PC, laptop) or as network licenses.


Basic license

Standard license

Find IO-Link masters and devices in Profinet /Ethernet IP topology

On 1 selectable network adapter

All network adapters simultaneously

Number of simultaneously editable IO-Link masters in a topology


2, 5, 10, 20, 50 (depending on license)

Backing up and restoring IO-Link topology settings


Backup and restore

Compare IO-Link device parameters

Only for devices on 1 BNI IO-Link master

For all devices

Test inputs / outputs

1 IO-Link master

All Balluff IO-Link masters, number depends on license

Test topology against planning

1 IO-Link master

All Balluff IO-Link masters, number depends on license

Access to Balluff IO-Link Master LOG

1 master, no export

All masters, export possible

User administration and roles



IO-Link parameter sets and copy/paste



Writing parameters during operation (Active PLC)



Compatibility with IO-Link masters from other manufacturers


In preparation for IO-Link master Compatible to JSON-for-IO-Link standards


Free of charge

Price depends on license configuration

The Balluff Engineering Tool BET is part of Balluff's Smart Automation and Monitoring System, which is made of components and software solutions for automating and monitoring the entire production line, thus enabling its standardized operation, configuration and diagnostics.


  • The Balluff Engineering Tool makes IO-Link even simpler