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Smart Automation and Monitoring System

Intelligent sensors to optimize manufacturing

Smart Automation and Monitoring System

The Smart Automation and Monitoring System (SAMS) includes smart sensors and devices that can be individually programmed, configured and thus universally installed on all machines. Within a series, you only need one sensor in stock, which you can use without limitations for your machines, plants and production lines as soon as a sensor needs to be replaced or newly attached. The new possibilities offered by the SAMS include the fact that smart sensors are the same in both configuration and analysis, regardless of the application scenario and measurement parameters, making implementation and user guidance easier and more intuitive.

"Smart products that finally live up to their name is not just a claim for us.

All of our SAMS products include features that put a wide variety of automation tasks directly into the product. This means that a controller does not have to be burdened with the tasks in the first place.

Our sensors can calculate average values or make logical links. Along with all the additional condition monitoring values, this results in countless possibilities for solving automation problems and generating information from data directly in the sensor that was never thought possible."

(T. Delfs, Product Manager)

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Cross-machine process monitoring and optimization

Balluff developed the Smart Automation and Monitoring System (SAMS) to enable you to monitor entire processes in your company, across machines. By configuring your individual sensors, you create specific sources of information that now offers you even more data and possibilities. You don't just receive raw data for which you still have to run evaluations. Balluff's intelligent sensors and devices make it possible for you to create logical links between the acquired sensor data, enabling comprehensive evaluation. Our SAMS devices record changes, measured values and raw values and makes them available to the control system or higher-level systems for further analysis.

Balluff's condition monitoring expertise is the basis of SAMS

The intelligent Smart Automation and Monitoring System is based on our experience and expertise with condition monitoring. Based on condition messages, faults can be quickly detected and localized. With our smart sensor technology, this information is available to you with colored LEDs displayed directly on the device or on dashboards, as well as, for example, logical linking of signals. This new information opens up new possibilities for you to visualize it as graphics or output it as reports.

You will then have an overview of the entire production and can define and track a predictive maintenance strategy in the company. This allows you to plan replacement or maintenance at an early stage and then carry it out at the ideal time.

Application scenarios of SAMS in industry

The Smart Automation and Monitoring System can be applied in many different ways.
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Advantages of the Smart Automation and Monitoring System

SAMS makes it possible to obtain more process-relevant information, which helps you to optimize your operations processes. Certain points on your machines and plants, which you already monitored anyway, can now provide additional data and information through a simple exchange or individual configuration. It often makes sense to extend monitoring with intelligent sensors to the entire production line and to monitor processes upstream and downstream of critical points in production. This allows you to draw conclusions about the machine's environment and external factors in order to be able to explain failures and machine downtime and prevent them in the future.

Since smart sensors are involved, you no longer need a wide variety of sensors in stock. Within a series, each sensor can be programmed and configured individually, so you only need one type of sensor in your company within a series. Since the smart sensors are all configured the same way, implementing the sensors is also easier and more intuitive.

Balluff's standardized operating and diagnostic design concept allows you to parameterize and configure the intelligent sensor technology features via standard data profiles. Machine damage and production downtime due to incorrect handling can thus be reduced to a minimum. Even less trained personnel quickly develop a routine in handling our consistently operable solutions and can specifically avoid errors.

Advantages at a glance

  • Increase in OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and its associated cost savings
  • Reduction of both planned and unplanned plant downtime
  • Reduced stock-keeping, due to universally applicable sensors, identical configuration and evaluation
  • Uniform operating and diagnostic design concept
  • Possibility of individual configuration of sensors
  • Machine and plant health (State of Health) always in view
  • More available data and possibilities: Condition-oriented or predictive maintenance through additional information

Intelligent sensors and their smart features

The Smart Automation and Monitoring System (SAMS) offers a variety of additional functions for your monitoring. These consist of, among other things, a device discovery function of the sensor technology, an operating hours counter and an inclination adjustment aid. All of these functions help to create added value with their additional functionalities and measurement values. Deriving additional information from the data is possible with little effort. With IO-Link, this additional data can be easily transmitted to the controller or a higher-level system via the existing network without any further hardware effort.

Smart sensors with universal functions

Universal smart sensors provide and link additional information.
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Product families of the Smart Automation and Monitoring System


  • Smart automation and monitoring system – more efficiency in filling and packaging

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