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Smart Automation and Monitoring System

Discover SAMS, the innovative Smart Automation and Monitoring System for optimal performance

Smart Automation and Monitoring System

Increasing the efficiency of machines and equipment requires high-performance, multi-functional solutions that provide not only machine control but also data about machine condition. This information lets you optimize the performance of every machine and thereby optimize the entire plant, so that you can design processes and sequences efficiently and flexibly. Using the Smart Automation and Monitoring System (SAMS) from Balluff you are given a system that lets you manage the automation of the entire production line uniformly. Among other settings, this is interesting for the machine builder tasked with equipping the food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics as well as the packaging industries.

Washdown Plus Promise

Significantly longer service life and significant cost savings due to less maintenance are what you can expect from all washdown components in the Smart Automation and Monitoring Systems. They are designed and manufactured especially to withstand the high demands of cleaning processes. At home in extremely harsh environments, they meet Ecolab requirements. They are well protected from cleaning agents and water, and with a rating of at least 1000 cleaning cycles, our products far exceed the requirements for IP69K.

Food Safety

Thanks to contamination resistant surfaces and materials these hygienic components meet all the hygiene standards for use in the food contact zone. Our products meet the provisions of Good Manufacturing Practice, so that you too are easily able to implement a GMP conformal quality management system including documentation. Use of Data Matrix code means the raw materials used in each product are traceable at any time. This is essential for ensuring the highest product quality as well as meeting all the requirements of the health authorities (EU Regulation 1935/2004/EC).

Look and Feel

The all-encompassing operating and configuration concept of SAMS increases machine flexibility and availability. The devices can be parameterized, configured and even taught without contact from a tablet using standard data profiles. This reduces machine damage and production stoppages due to incorrect handling to a minimum. Even relatively untrained personnel quickly find their routine using our consistently operable solutions and are able to avoid errors.

Smart Features

With their consistent design the housing, connector and fastening of the components form a unit, so that installation and connection are easily accomplished. Additional functions such as temperature monitoring, inclination detection, vibration monitoring, signal quality display or operating hours counter turn devices into data sources you can use for reliable operation of your equipment. Such features eliminate the need for additional devices with a monitoring function, significantly reducing your inventory levels. In addition, each component can be uniquely located within the system by pinging.


You always have an overview of machine and equipment health, since condition messages allow errors to be quickly detected and localized (i.e. condition monitoring). This information is always available to you uniformly, everywhere and directly - whether via the colored LED indicator directly on the device or on dashboards for further analysis (i.e. predictive maintenance). You can visualize this information as graphics, represent it in charts, or output it as reports. Now that you are informed about each individual sensor, every machine and your entire production, you can recognize trends and plan replacement or optimal maintenance for just the right time. Together with our powerful network technology and cloud computing, intelligent manufacturing and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) become reality. To this end an edge gateway and IT level can be seamlessly linked.


  • Smart automation and monitoring system – more efficiency in filling and packaging

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