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Smart Reordering System

Manage inventories intelligently, dynamically and flexibly

Smart Reordering System

Manual efforts in inventory recording and warehousing cost time, money and valuable storage space. The Smart Reordering System enables intelligent and dynamic inventory management, either as a fully automated Kanban system or as a supplement to existing systems, in order to digitalize your entire intralogistics.

Do you also produce according to the pull principle? Then you know how important it is to always have enough material in stock to be able to process orders. Stocks are often managed manually with Kanban cards or barcode solutions. Fixed time intervals regulate material provisioning on the part of logistics, making material replenishment inflexible. In addition, there are countless manual processes that make flexible inventory management and thus dynamic production impossible. All this leads to inefficient inventory management and high buffer stocks in production logistics, which take up space and tie up capital.

With the Smart Reordering System, you can automate your inventory management. You manage all your inventory automatically and according to your requirements.

What does the Smart Reordering System offer you?
Automated inventory management - dynamic and smart

The Smart Reordering System continuously records your stock levels. All stocks can be viewed graphically on the easy-to-understand dashboard. This reduces replenishment times and empty runs.

The Smart Reordering System automatically notifies you as soon as your stock levels fall below the threshold values you have defined. This means that you are not bound by fixed time intervals but still always have enough stock on hand without any additional buffer stocks. Your current stock situation is clearly displayed on the dashboard at all times. Notifications when stock levels fall below your defined thresholds are displayed either directly in the dashboard or as an e-mail notification. Further notification options are available on request, as is the connection of the Smart Reordering System to your ERP systems.

This is how smart inventory management works

Step 1: Place a sensor at the material location
As a rule, you only need one sensor per material location. The sensor is battery-operated and communicates via radio, so wiring is not necessary.

Step 2: Put the gateway into operation
Connect the gateway to an electrical outlet to provide power. The connection between the gateway and the cloud app can be flexibly established via either LTE or Ethernet over a wired network.

Step 3: Set up the cloud application
Setting up the system and sensors is easy and intuitive using the cloud app. The setup wizard guides you through the commissioning process quickly and easily. In addition, the system can be linked to your ERP system via standard APIs.

The advantages of the Smart Reordering System at a glance

  • Dynamic inventory management: The Smart Reordering System automatically notifies you as soon as material stocks in the warehouse fall below a threshold value. You define the level of this limit yourself in terms of an optimal material flow. This means that you are not bound to fixed time intervals, as is the case with classic Kanban solutions, and can still be sure that your warehouse is sufficiently filled at all times. At the same time, you reduce your buffer stocks.
  • Fast replenishment: The sensors of the Smart Reordering System continuously record your stock levels. You can view the current stock levels graphically on a dashboard at any time or be automatically informed about the stock levels. This helps to shorten replenishment times and also empty runs.
  • Automated inventory management: With the help of sensors, the Smart Reordering System monitors stock levels and automatically notifies you of bottlenecks. Manual Kanban processes and scanning procedures are no longer necessary. With the help of standardised interfaces, the Smart Reordering System can also be integrated into your existing ERP systems for a direct exchange of information.

The right solution for every application

Whether at Kanban shelves, assembly workstations, pallet storage locations or delivery and pick-up points, the sensors of the logistics system can be installed anywhere and continuously record the material stocks. This sensor data is processed and prepared in a cloud application. This allows you to get an overview of the warehouse stocks at any time, with just one click and without time-consuming scanning processes that are required with conventional eKanban systems. Vendor-Managed Inventory is also easy to implement with the Smart Reordering System.

What does the Smart Reordering System cost?

Fixed cost model

With the fixed cost model, you purchase the hardware in the form of sensors and gateways. The number of sensors and gateways you need for ongoing inventory control depends on the size and local conditions of your warehouse.

Wireless Sensor


Wireless Sensor

Net / One-Time / Sensor

Net / One time / Gateway

  • TOF sensor
  • Wireless connection
  • Long life battery

  • Ethernet wired
  • Optional 4G / LTE
To the Smart Reordering System

Cloud application

The cost of the cloud application, which allows you to retrieve inventory data, is billed monthly. They are based on the number of sensors that are integrated into the system. We can also develop an interface to your ERP system upon request.

Small set

Medium set

Large set

ERP connection

Monthly or annual payment

monthly or yearly payment

monthly or yearly payment

Price on request

  • Dashboard
  • Database
  • Up to 100 sensors

  • Dashboard
  • Database
  • Up to 250 sensors

  • Dashboard
  • Database
  • Up to 500 sensors

  • Interface definition
  • Interface Development


Satisfied customers are our strongest driving force. This is what our references say about the Smart Reordering System:

I see the Smart Reordering System as an opportunity to complement our existing e-Kanban system. A potential use case at Metabo is the monitoring of empty stores or storage bays. From this, I expect that we can optimize our empties areas and replenishment processes.

Since the installation is fast and flexible, I can also imagine a variable use in the area of process optimization. The system helps to collect figures, data, facts and thus provides a solid basis for value stream and process optimizations.
Michael Melzer, Production System Manager at Metabo
Companies that successfully implement lean management and meticulously plan and organize their production have all the materials they need in stock and in the right place thanks to Kanban systems. In practice, however, it often happens that the stocks at the respective points of consumption are not ideally proportioned. I see the greatest benefit of the Smart Reordering System in counteracting this and adjusting the entire intralogistics supply chain dynamically and in real time. Inventory levels can be increased and decreased between the individual points of consumption without much effort and on the basis of real and current data.

In addition, the Smart Reordering System can be used to test scenarios in the inventory changes of individual process steps in real time, making the supply chain even more robust. The Smart Reordering System thus contributes to the analysis and sustainable further development of the intralogistics supply chain.
Joachim Walter, COO BeeWaTec AG:
With the Smart Reordering System, we are expanding our existing "Kanban Pack +" and digitizing our warehousing.

Up to now, replenishment at our customers has mostly been done manually and at fixed intervals. The Smart Reordering System enables us to continuously take stock and monitor inventory without the need for personnel. This enables us to plan deliveries even better in line with demand and to react to short-term additional requirements. The data obtained also helps to optimize processes and make ideal use of existing capacities.

Due to the simple installation, the commissioning for C-articles is also worthwhile. Even a change of storage locations is no problem with the Smart Reordering System, as the system accompanies the changes with minimal effort.
Benjamin Braun, Sales Manager Just Pack GmbH

Do you have any questions or would you like to test the system, without obligation? Please contact us.

Are you interested in our Smart Reordering System? Then take the next step towards lean manufacturing with us. Together we will further develop the Smart Reordering System according to your requirements and support you in optimally managing your inventories. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with further information.

Sie haben Fragen oder möchten das System unverbindlich testen? Kontaktieren Sie uns.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? We are at your disposal.

For all questions concerning commercial topics such as quotations, orders, delivery times, our inside sales department will be happy to support you.

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