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Mobile Equipment

Technological diversity for a wide range of applications

Mobile Equipment

The range of applications for mobile equipment is as varied as the requirements. In order to meet your special needs, Balluff offers you a wide range of solutions based on great technological diversity and many years of automation know-how.

Therefore, Balluff allows you to select your sensors exactly tailored to the application, whether it is a question of ensuring a parallel mower on a harvester, using the right excavator tools, positioning mobile cranes precisely, monitoring engine doors on busses or recognising the correct machine attachment. In addition, we enable you to run many other applications. Talk to us.

Agriculture and Forestry Vehicles: Solutions for Efficient Operation

Global population growth represents new challenges for agriculture and forestry. The increased need for food and raw materials raises the demands on crop yields and the efficiency of equipment. The buzzwords for new machine concepts are precision farming, self-driving vehicles, and smart solutions based on existing automation technologies.

In addition to attractive basic components, we provide you with automation solutions for more efficient operation of your machines.

Construction Machinery and Mining Vehicles: Maximum Support for the Operator

Urbanization is ensuring a booming construction industry. Investment is being made in construction and civil engineering, and the manufacture of construction equipment is continually increasing. As a result of the great pressure placed on construction to be ever faster and more efficient, topics such as digitalization of the machine and partial self-driving capabilities to assist the operator are gaining in significance. This creates a great need for innovative automation concepts for which we at Balluff offer solutions.

Logistics and Material Handling Vehicles: Sensors for Intelligent Automation

The logistics industry has been for some years in a distinct upward curve. On one hand, the growing online shopping business means that warehouse processes need to be automated, since manual work is too susceptible to error. Automation, including driverless logistics vehicles, can increase the work schedule to 24/7.

On the other hand, the industry is developing new assembly concepts which rely increasingly on individual process steps being linked together through automated handling systems. Automatic transport of the needed articles can be controlled and monitored by sensors more efficiently using intelligent automation.

Municipal and Specialty Vehicles: Ensuring Trouble-Free Operation

When operating municipal vehicles it is especially important that the driver have a full range of safety equipment to ensure trouble-free operation. In many cases, sensors can be used like an eye, ear or sense of touch, becoming important aids in detecting hazards early. This will protect persons from injury and equipment from unnecessary damage.


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