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Line lasers

Lights for vision systems and machines

Available in:

6 versions

Our powerful line lasers are used for the detection and measurement of defects, diameters, images, gaps, steps, or presence control. The line lasers are also usable in industrial image processing and for the alignment and positioning of workpieces or accessories.

Balluff line lasers can be triggered, focused and modulated. Of our especially long-lasting solutions, you can select between red, blue and green light types as well as various projection types – line, grid, matrix, point, and cross.


  • Robust and compact (M18, M12 design)
  • High-quality housing, IP67
  • Easy attachment and flexible positioning
  • Easy installation, laser class 1M or 2M (no additional protective measures required)
  • High-quality materials and laser modules
  • Large inspection distances up to 2000 mm
  • Adjustable brightness and zoom

6 versions

Order code Price Light type Laser class per IEC 60825-1 Dimension Opening angle min. Projection type


BAE LX-XO-PL018-E-L3-S103
30046.46 TWD Laser red light 2M Ø 20 x 116 mm 20° Line, homogeneous


BAE LX-XO-PL018-E-L7-S103
54163.62 TWD Laser, blue light 2M Ø 20 x 116 mm 45° Line, homogeneous


BAE LX-XO-PL018-E-L8-S103
81271.51 TWD Laser green light 2M Ø 20 x 116 mm 45° Line, homogeneous


BAE LX-XO-PL018-E-P1-S103
49680 TWD Laser red light 2 Ø 20 x 116 mm Point, elliptical


BAE LX-XO-PL018-E-C1-S103
29320.72 TWD Laser red light 1M Ø 20 x 116 mm 30° x 30° Cross


BAE LX-XO-PL018-E-L1-S103
35723.65 TWD Laser red light 2M Ø 20 x 116 mm 45° Line, homogeneous

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