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Pre-Installed Deutsch or AMP Superseal Connectors Simplify Builds

Balluff offers 12 new proxes with automotive-style connectors

Balluff’s new inductive sensors with preinstalled automotive-style connectors make vehicle construction easier and the final product more dependable and easier to maintain.

Balluff has introduced 12 standard inductive proximity sensors to its growing mobile equipment portfolio. These proximity sensors are available in three connector types—3-pole Deutsch triangular connector, 4-pole Deutsch square connector and AMP Superseal 1.5mm 3-pole flat connector; and in different sizes and ranges: M12 4 mm, flush-mount; M18 8mm, flush-mount; M18 16 mm, non-flush-mount; and M30 15mm, flush-mounts.

Inductive proximity sensors are essential in many mobile equipment onboard applications, and like other Balluff proximity sensors, the sensors are sealed for added protection. Additionally, they feature IP67-rated connectors and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) cables, making the sensors resistant to oil, grease and abrasion. They are built to handle the strenuous demands of off-highway mobile equipment manufacturers.

Deutsch and AMP connectors are very popular in mobile equipment industry because they are quick to install and weather resistant.

“By offering them preinstalled on our Balluff proximity sensors we can provide manufacturers Balluff’s high-quality sensors while also delivering the go-to connectors that simplify their builds and repairs,” said Rob Crumley, Balluff industry manager for mobile equipment and rail.

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