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Inductive proximity sensors with automotive-style connectors

Deutsch and Superseal connectors for mobile equipment vehicle applications

Inductive proximity sensors with automotive-style connectors

Inductive proximity sensors are key to many onboard applications in mobile equipment. These sensors detect the position of linkages, booms, outriggers, hatches and flags for home position, locked position, extended position or speed sensing. Many vehicle manufacturers and equipment owners enjoy the simplicity of automotive style connectors for quick vehicle assembly and fast equipment repair in the field. Using sensors with automotive style connectors preinstalled by Balluff, eliminates assembly errors and reduces troubleshooting issues.

This family of inductive proximity sensors includes a wide sensing ranges for various detection applications. Proximity sensors offer a sealed, non-contact and reliable alternative to mechanical switches. Housings include M12 flush, M18 flush, M18 non-flush and M30 flush mounts. Each housing has the option for a 150mm long pigtail with Deutsch DT04 3-pole triangular connector, Deutsch DT04 4-pole square connector or the AMP Superseal 1.5mm 3-pole flat connector pre-installed. With a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) cable, the sensor is resistant to oil, grease and abrasion.

These environmentally sealed sensors and connectors meet the unique needs of off-highway mobile equipment manufacturers and have the right properties for the job at hand without compromise. Regardless of your market – agriculture, forestry, construction, mining, logistics, material handling, access, lift, refuse or fire truck – sensors with pre-installed connectors make vehicle construction easier and the final product more dependable.