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Training course testimonials

Why you'll love it:

Skill improvement

Balluff training focuses on what you will be able to do when you leave the classroom. Unlike many training sessions that focus on facts and theories alone, we focus on performance. Each learning objective is measured with practical application in a lab environment.

Hands-on learning

Tired of PowerPoints? So are we! We don't use them. We have actual hardware you connect, you configure, you optimize, and you troubleshoot. We don't move on to the next skill until you have demonstrated in a lab that you are ready.

What people say:

"The class was very well structured with detailed programming information on Allen-Bradley PLC. Recommend for future classes that other PLC lines are incorporated. Overall - the best training class I have ever attended!"

Randy Schaeffer - HH Barnum

"As a novice to Industrial Ethernet, this class was a great tool to learn and hit the ground running in configuring and monitoring IO-Link devices. The class is very detailed, the instructor is very knowledgeable and engaging, and I walked away confident in my abilities to operate IO-Link devices."

Anthony Ramsey, Jr - Parker Hannifin

"The class was well worth the time and money. It covered topics in a way that were easy to understand for someone with no Ethernet experience, and finish the class with a very strong understanding of Ethernet concepts."

Leighton Burgess - Engineering Innovation

"Highly recommend this class to any controls engineers that are starting to use Ethernet/IP. This class will give some great knowledge on how to be better prepared to engineer your applications. Also to help setup and troubleshoot your Ethernet/IP applications."

Jamie Boyd - Pyramid Controls

"Wireshark instruction VERY helpful. Take-home manual & procedure Guide will be great to use as reference after class is over."

Gregg Inman - Neff Engineering

"I am glad I took this class. I feel I am more able to apply all this knowledge to select the right sensor and look forward for new technologies for future projects."

Ulices Gama - Buhrke - Olsen

"Great class, the instructor converted what we needed to know and helped us out with the PLC code. We now have more confidence in configuring the IO-Link master and slave devices."

Erick Rudaitis - Parker Hannifin