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Light Bands in Diverse Lengths

Select the ideal band for your specific needs

Light bands in diverse lengths

Our BOH light bands are available in many different lengths from 10 to 300 mm. This means you can choose just the right band length for your individual application. The compact design of the light bands allows you integrate the sensor heads perfectly into tight mounting spaces in machines and on production lines. In addition, its usable working distance from 10 to 500 mm lets you cover large areas with the light bands. For example, you can use them for small parts detection while saving installation space or as ejection monitors over a very large area.

Choose between four amplifier variants – for maximum user-friendliness

For particularly efficient use of optical sensor heads, you can choose between four versions of the BAE SA-OH amplifiers according to your requirements.

  • Amplifiers with integrated display allow you to make settings on the device itself as usual, or to configure them via IO-Link. These amplifiers also offer a particularly wide range of functions and options, including a switching frequency of up to 4kHz for fast counting. In addition, with these devices, the pulse time can be extended for object detection, for example, if the target does not remain in the detection range long enough.

  • Small and slim versions without display are useful if you want to parameterize your sensor heads using the amplifiers exclusively via IO-Link.

  • Amplifiers with analog output and a switching frequency of 8000kHz are suitable for monitoring continuous processes. This allows the full signal range to be used.

  • Amplifiers with built-in potentiometers for direct and intuitive sensitivity adjustment, or alternatively with automatic teach-in buttons, are ideal for common applications.


  • High repeat accuracy
  • Good linearity
  • Compact design
  • Large variety of types
  • Usable working distance 10...500 mm

Light bands in diverse lengths


  • Light bands in diverse lengths

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