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LF data couplers (70/455 kHz)

LF (70/455 kHz)

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LF data couplers from Balluff ensure the greatest possible flexibility. They securely transmit the data via two air interfaces. In so doing, they handle the contactless bridging of the two transitions instead of a fixed data transmission.

The data couplers are generally used where a double mechanical interface is indispensable, for example, with rotary tables, replaceable workpiece holder or gripper arms. In this way, you can simplify your system design and increase the system availability because of fast contacting, such as in tool changing.


  • Data couplers work like an extension cable
  • Maintenance-free transmission without mechanical wear
  • Fast and secure signal transmission
  • Various cable lengths: 1 m, 2 m and 5 m
  • Easy wiring of rotary index tables, interchangeable punch heads, etc.
  • Increased function queries, even in previously inaccessible places

1 versions

Order code Price Style 1 Style 2 Antenna type Cable length L Housing material


BIS C-380-06/06-00,3
92371.61 INR M16x1 M16x1 round 0.30 m Brass, Nickel-plated brass nuts, nickel-plated

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