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Reflectors, fibers and optics

High-quality accessories system for optical applications

Reflectors, fibers and optics

Our accessories for optical applications include round and square reflectors and reflex films. Moreover, you can obtain plastic and glass fibers as well as shields, lenses, filters and deflecting mirrors.

The optical accessories system is qualified for Balluff sensors and is available in different versions – even for sophisticated applications.

The most important benefits

  • High quality and flexible
  • Easy assembly
  • Compatibility

Plastic fibers

  • Designed and tested for Balluff optical fiber devices BFB 6K, 18KF, 73K and 75K
  • Various lengths and diameters
  • Crush-resistant and oil-resistant
  • High excess gain
  • Precise machining and homogeneous optical properties
  • Coaxial fiber arrangement as an option
  • User-fabricated plastic fiber optics available

Glass fibers

  • Designed and tested for Balluff BFB M18M-… and BOS 30M-…
  • Various casing materials, such as polyurethane, corrugated metal tubing and silicone
  • Various lengths and diameters
  • Crush-resistant and oil-resistant
  • High excess gain
  • High quality materials and precise machining
  • Homogeneous optical properties

Reflectors and reflective foils

  • Precise and robust
  • Easy attachment using adhesives or screws
  • Various designs
  • High-quality materials
  • Homogeneous optical properties

Optics: Diaphragms, filters, lenses, deflectors

  • Designed and tested for Balluff sensors
  • Various lengths and diameters with different focus
  • Precise and homogeneous optical properties
  • High-quality materials and exact processing