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Attitude and values

Our strategy for success: We are entirely oriented to our customers.

Attitude and values

What do our customers appreciate most about us? Our high quality and reliability, and the true commitment of employees and the partnership-based solidarity they create with customers. These are the foundations for the long-standing relationships with our customers.

For us, customer relations also means listening very carefully to our customers and understanding them so that we can meet their requests and requirements. Ideally, we do this wherever the customer is — whether in Singapore, Spain or Argentina — because we can best support our customers when we are there on-site. This close cooperation with our customers is part of our formula for success, whether in day-to-day business or when developing customized solutions.

We have been successfully following this path for a long time now. In this, we are guided by six core values.


We think and act today for tomorrow.

Balluff has been far-sighted in its planning for four generations. Our foundation is stable: We are and remain a financially independent family business. This enables us to offer our customers and employees long-term and lasting prospects. Our strategies are always future-oriented in terms of resources and the environment, product quality and technology development, profitability and efficiency, and above all in terms of the people in our company.

Our employees are Balluff. We owe our leading role in industrial automation to them. That's why we offer them an optimal working environment in which they can perform at a high level, feel comfortable and combine family and career well. This includes comprehensive training and development opportunities and numerous special benefits.


We do what we say and say what we do.

At Balluff, we deal with our customers in the same spirit of partnership, fairness and trust as we do with our colleagues. The Balluff customer is part of the Balluff team and experiences our "team spirit" first-hand. When we make a promise to our customers, we keep it. That's why we only make promises that we can keep.

But that's a lot: precise quality requirements, transparency, very good availability. Each of our employees always acts with the utmost commitment and professional reliability. We approach every task with focus, purpose and consistency and bring it to a successful conclusion. This is how we keep our customers competitive. You can rely on that!


We have one measure for quality: our customers.

At Balluff, quality always has four dimensions: Sales quality, logistics quality, product quality, and service quality. By giving our best in these areas, we create Balluff's outstanding quality.

The benchmark for us is the customer's demand for quality. We base our actions on this. Every Balluff employee seeks the best solution for the customer within the framework of the partnership and the interests of the company. To realize this goal, we are involved in various standardization committees and drive advancements such as ISO 9001:2015 as a pioneer. Everyone at Balluff needs to know the specific quality requirements for their job. That's why our employees are highly qualified and also undergo continuous training.


Our ability to adapt quickly is our competitive advantage.

Markets change. Customers change. Digitalization and networked value chains challenge us. Responding to this with rigid structures and a "business as usual" approach will not lead to progress. Agility as a value in business is an exclamation mark for all of us. It says: Always think of the customer's benefit first. Make decisions as a team and adapt quickly to changing conditions. This is very dynamic and can be unsettling at times, but our values and culture give everyone the support they need and acts as a compass.


We are successful because we continuously improve the success of our customers.

We promote a culture in which every employee is encouraged to achieve the company's set goals as well as his or her personal goals. That's what makes us successful, as well as qualities like resilience, focus, passion and commitment along the way. The most important driving force behind our corporate goals is the customer. After all, it is only their success that makes us successful and generates the funds necessary for our further development. That's why we have a clear focus on creating real value and increasing customer success.


We raise automation and ourselves to the next level.

Our mission is to improve our customers' competitiveness with innovative products and solutions, quickly and with a focus on results. For our customers, we want to be THE partner for success in industrial automation.

We define development and progress as fundamental improvements for our customers and ourselves. Thus, progress and innovation at Balluff are not only visible in products, but also in processes and services, in customer support and communication, and in how we think and act. Agility is an anchored guiding value in the company that helps us to quickly turn new ideas into marketable innovations together with customers.

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