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Displaying operating status

Displaying operating status

To reliably monitor the status of machines and systems, Balluff offers you SmartLight LED stack lights with IO-Link interface, which you can use to conveniently visualize the desired information. You can display important or critical machine conditions and use a color scale to simply read off tendencies and trends for physical variables. The SmartLight offers you three different modes which you can change on-the-fly.

Changing colors is also possible without any mechanical modifications.

The features

  • Versatile: various modes such as segment or stack light, level indication or bar graph, run light, and flexible mode can be configured
  • Application-flexible: multi-color, bright LEDs with a broad color spectrum – individually definable
  • Highly flexible: can be changed on-the-fly – no mechanical reconfiguration necessary
  • IIoT-ready – IO-Link makes them simple to install


  • Industry brochure metalworking

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