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High-Pressure Washdown and Hygiene

Hygienic and high-quality IP69K sensors for all washdown applications

High-pressure Washing and Hygiene

Easy to clean and hygienically flawless machines and equipment have the top priority, whether foods beverages, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics are delivered, produced, processed or packaged. For the installed sensors this means: They must have a washdown design, so that they can for example withstand frequent and intensive cleaning and disinfecting cycles in an injection molding environment.

And not only that – if the sensors come into direct contact with the sensitive or perishable foods, they must have foods compatible hygienic design. Only then can they prevent affecting the taste or tolerability of the food or even prevent contamination.

These sensitive areas require enclosure and control cabinet systems that are resistant to bacteria and other harmful organisms. Only if the hygienic design is taken into account when the machine is designed can the desired high quality of the final product be assured. IP69K sensors from Balluff with "Washdown plus" are especially tightly sealed and highly reliable under extreme conditions of use, meeting the Ecolab requirements. They are resistant to cleaning agents and corrosion and perfectly protected from water, and with a rating of at least 1000 cleaning cycles our products far exceed the requirements for IP69K.

What we offer you

Whether in direct contact with foods, with high pressure cleaning, or in the non-food area: Depending on where you use the components in the machine, they must meet various requirements. We offer the right solution for every requirement – from IP69K sensors to the right cables. These are resistant to cleaning agents and corrosion, have the highest IP69K rating and are therefore highly reliable under extremely harsh conditions. In addition our components meet the requirements for food safety promulgated by institutions such as EHEDG, FDA and 3-A. Hygienic design and high-quality processing are at the top of our priorities.

  • Capacitive fill level sensors for media contact with foam and build-up compensation, optional with IO-Link

  • Magnetostrictive linear position sensors for level measurement, with rugged stainless steel housing for especially long service life in extreme environments

  • Photoelectric fork sensors for liquid detection for fast and reliable monitoring without readjustment

  • I/O modules in rugged enclosures for reliable and error-free signal transmission

Application examples for sensors with IP69K protection